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S265 + cord blood bank environmental monitoring

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Cord blood bank environment monitoring, mainly the equipment acquisition blood bank temperature and humidity data through sensors in real time, and then uploads the data to the server cloud platform to realize real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, data curve display, and can realize SMS, telephone, in case of abnormal situation. Mailbox, WeChat and other alarm methods.

In the system software, the alarm parameter setting is carried out, and King Pigeon cloud platform is used to realize the real-time monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the blood bank environment and record the data points. The system will judge whether the temperature and humidity range is exceeded according to the preset parameters. Once the preset range is exceeded, the system will Will automatically alarm, SMS, phone, WeChat, mail and sound and light alarm.

Through this device, the cumbersome temperature and humidity monitoring work can be made easy and convenient, and the equipment failure is not detected in time, resulting in loss.

S265 + cord blood bank environmental monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: S265, RTU5023, RTU5029S, S264